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Must Know facts about Sex is all about educating and spreading positive awareness on health, sex and lifestyle. Areas within this encompass environmental health, physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, sexual and social health.

Human sexuality has biological, emotional/physical and other aspects.The biological facts of sexuality to the reproductive mechanism as well as the basic which is hormonal and biologically controlledLibido, that founds in all animal species. The World Health Organization defined Health Education as comprising of consciously constructed opportunities for learning involving some form of communication designed to improve health education, and developing living skills which are conducive to individual and community health.

The emotional or physical aspect of sexuality refers to the bond that exists between individuals, and is expressed through their feelings or physical manifestations of emotions of love, trust, and caring. Adolescents are curious about some or all the aspects of their sexuality as well as the nature of sexuality.

Traditionally, adolescents were not given any information on sexual matters, with discussion about sex is still considered taboo and social stigma. Such instruction as given was traditionally left to a child’s parents, and these information or knowledge is exposed to just before a child’s marriage. Much of such information was usually known to be deficient, especially during the period of puberty when curiosity of sexual matters was the most acute. This lack of knowledge  became increasingly evident by the increasing incidence of teenage pregnancies.

Sexuality is an important aspect of the life of a human being and almost all the people including children want to have knowledge about sex. Sex education along with all the educational measures which in any way may of life that have their center on sex. The awareness stands for protection,, improvement and development of the family based on accepted ethical ideas.

Health and sex education both has importance in our lives, to stronger physical, social, emotional bonding among society.